ICTC Doula Program

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The ICTC is renowned for its culturally diverse curriculum that includes the legacy of the African American midwife, the effects of health inequities on birth outcomes, public health, and traditional and current comfort measures for labor, birth, and the postpartum period, and for supporting the father.

The ICTC 2013 Full Circle Doula Training  Schedule

Training Date Training Location Registration  Opens Registration Closes
March 14th-17th Oregon CLOSED CLOSED
May  1st-6th Trinidad CLOSED CLOSED
July 25th-28th Illinois CLOSED CLOSED
August 22nd-25th Portland, OR CLOSED CLOSED
August 22nd-25th Opelousas, LA CLOSED CLOSED
September 19th-22nd Richmond, VA CLOSED CLOSED
November 14th-17th Atlanta, GA CLOSED CLOSED
December 12th-15th Portland,OR CLOSED CLOSED

Full Circle Doulas learn the history of midwifery as a model of care, infant mortality prevention, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor, nutrition and herbs, labor comfort measures, breastfeeding techniques, and much more.Full Circle Doula Training is perfect for students interested in learning Doula skills from multicultural, historical and traditional perspectives.The International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) sponsors the Full Circle Doula Training Program which came about as part of ICTC’s continued commitment to the empowerment of women, an increase of positive birth outcomes, and reduction of infant mortality in African American communities.Blessed is the Doula whose intention is to sacrifice her time to serve the mothers, babies and families. A doula is a birth companion who provides personal support to women and families throughout the pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Many graduates continue to serve their international communities as Doulas, midwives, nurses, and public health advocates.

International Spokesperson Erykah Badu Supports the ICTC Full Circle Doula Training